Greetings Everyone!

We all have an inner critic that can and does at times stop us in our excited rush to follow through on an idea

that has enthused and delighted us.

Sometimes we push past and start to explore the idea, whatever it may be only to be distracted or pushed in another direction.

My UFO pile is at times a mystery to me! At other times it is a wonderful resource, sitting there patiently waiting.

What have I learnt about me and my art making?

What pleases you? 

Over my creative lifetime I have made many experiments.

When I was moving I had to evaluate and decide about everything that was in my home of thirty years. 

A lovely young man who came to give me a quote for removalist costs gave me wise advice.

Essentially he said to take the art, take the original bits and bobs that surrounded me. 

If it is unique for you then take it.

Added to this, my Son in Law, who was incensed that our garden treasure was being given away by the sleaze estate agent did something wonderful.

He hired a trailer and did the long trek to Brisbane, return three times in a weekend.

Beautiful plants collected slowly and carefully now reside here with me.

They gladden my creative heart. 

Those plants started a passion for my Son in Law too!

His shadehouse is awesome!

If you love it work with it?

Today is your gift. So untie the ribbons and set yourself free.

Creativity needs experiments, lot and lots of experiments.

Directing you to the frivolous

  1. Check out the art of Zinski. Elena has such imagination!
  2. Play with neons. Bee Arty has some screaming colours.

3. Sprinkle some glitter through your art with these fresh 12×12’s

Another Direction

My first business account for Time To Create was Darkroom Door.

The tragic death of uber talented Rachel Grieg last August shocked everyone in the art world.

Darkroom Door is closing at the end of March.

We have a lot of stock as we have always loved it.

Another wonderful range is going going gone!

Wherever you are and whatever your passion.

Do it…NOW!

Have a super weekend.