Hello Everyone.

What a topsy turvey world it is right now!

It’s the small glimmers of joy amongst

the angst and turmoil that are getting me through each day.

Unfortunately the night is a totally different story.

Is that your anxious time too?

This is what I see each time I look out the window.

When the 25 metre high development happens

My “forever home” will have no sun, no breeze and an estimated 168 car movements down a narrow laneway

each day. Lights from those cars and noise from the residents will beam and invade directly into my lounge and bedroom windows.

I’m sad!


Sleepless nights have had me slow stitching 

you can read about Shooting Star in my latest Blog Post

I’ll blame some of the wonky stitches on my very tired eyes.

I do like the detailing that this style of art encourages.


Times are tough for all of us and $$$’s are hard to find. 

Thank you for your orders big and small 

Many of you are finding


that is rare and so desirable!

Artist in the Spotlight

It seems forever ago that I made contact with an inspiring artist named Gwen Lafleur. 

Way back then we even made tentative plans to bring Gwen out to Australia for workshops 

at Time To Create. The universe sadly had other plans.

Gwen designs for many art companies. She loves to travel and has been to amazing places.

Her ART is amazing!

Maybe in 2024 I will actually manage to attend one of her USA classes

(I am trying to still dream!)

There are a small number of Gwen’s stamp sets at Time To Create.

Use Search with Gwen Lafleur.

Look at this delicious offering from Gwen

Check out her classes here

Come dream with me.


Lest you think it’s all misery for me

Archie Short is always up for a walk or a cuddle. 

No matter where I am in the house he is right there with me.

Thank you

For your enthusiasm and support.

You are the reason Time To Create is still here.