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Get ready to transform the way you discover your next crafting project! At Time to Create, we’re excited to unveil a unique shopping experience: our Visual Style Selector, powered by a quiz-like tool that uses your visual preferences to guide you to products you’ll love.

Banish Creative Blocks with Visual Selection:

How It Works:

  1. Start Your Visual Journey: Engage with our user-friendly, image-based tool that feels like a quiz but functions as a sophisticated search assistant.
  2. Choose Images That Inspire You: As you click through the images that catch your eye, our tool gets smarter about your preferences.
  3. Discover Products Aligned with Your Style: End your journey with a selection of crafting supplies and ideas perfectly matched to the styles you love.

Ideal for Every Crafter: No matter your level of experience or current creative mood, this tool is designed to simplify your search and inspire new crafting ideas. It’s a fun, interactive way to shop, especially for those looking to break free from the routine and explore new artistic directions.

Your Feedback Makes Us Better: We’d love to hear about your experience with our Visual Style Selector. Your insights help us refine and enhance the way we bring inspiration to your crafting journey.

Embark on a shopping adventure that’s as enjoyable as crafting itself. Visit our website, try our Visual Style Selector, and let your visual instincts lead you to your next amazing project.

Click here to try the new visual search tool

Have an amazing week!

The Team at Time to Create