The aspect to stretching my creative wings that I enjoy the most is when I play.
These are the times when I have absolutely no plan or preconceived idea in mind.

Of course these are also usually the times when I have goodish clothes on.
Often the best play happens when I am doing a cleanup.
“WhatIf” whispers, “Don’t throw it out, use it!”

I subscribe to the TextileArtist Organisation.

My life has gotten very busy with the huge undertaking of writing our book.

This means that I often look longingly at the tutors workshops but don’t get to do too much, too often.

I have enjoyed Mary Beth Swartzenberger’s offering which is about embroidered wish tablets.

Check out her instagram page HERE


The preparing of the textured papers to make interesting backgrounds has sent me scrambling into my stash of tissue papers.

Tissue and metallic acrylic paints play well together.


Experiment with whatever you have first before you invest in the more expensive imported textured papers.

As you can imagine the cheaper the paper is the frailer it tends to be.

Is this finished?

Definitely not. I do love the extreme texture I have here and can envisage strips and scraps of fibre and fabrics tucked here and there.

What happens next?

These prepared pieces can sit for as long as I like.

Then the day, although it usually is the night will come when I will take the experimentation further.

If this technique appeals to  you I suggest you set yourself up with a selection of colours and a couple of different tools for applying paint. You can get fast results by spraying the tissue. This will give you puddles and bleeds. If you go the other way with dry colours and brushing then be light in the application of the colours. Skim the ridges for a lovely light build up of colour.

Short play is still better than no play at all!

Until Next Time