Grim and disturbing news has been distressing me lately.

I am a poor sleeper and always have been, so some nights are way too restless.

Do you know the feeling?

I have found a way to soothe my mind

It began with a cookbook.

This beautiful book has an inspiring author’s story which excited me.


I found the SBS Food Channel.

I’m travelling and dabbling like never before.

Yesterday the beetroot I cooked got a splash of Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar!

Last week I ventured into Ikea ( a place that scares me)

to stock up on Kitchen Stuff for my very basic kitchen.


My Artists Eye

My Art Play

Capsicums – alcohol print background

Paint Pens design

“Serve it Up”  Alcohol Ink Background

Paint Pen Design

Art Tips

Beautiful handmade papers are precious.

I don’t have a lot of time so now I lay out how I want to finish my pieces.

They sit for at least a few days before I commit to finishing.

I look through my papers for sentiments or words that might be useful

to finish a piece for art journalling or cards.

I put these in a folder with the art work until I need them.

I’ve Discovered

An interest in food that I have never had before.

For the time being I cannot do a lot of travel but I can travel to wonderful places through the TV.

My Garden

Is small but I am finding many places to grow the fresh herbs that are interesting me.

What works for you when you are anxious?

How can you extend your enthusiasm and interests?

Thank You

I love seeing what you are doing and reading your stories.

Thank you for supporting Time To Create

Taking your Time To Make and Create is 

Time Well Spent.