Hello Everyone,

As I write to you this evening wonderful rain is now gently falling.

It’s been dry with some really hot days.

Beautiful for you

I love the weird and wonderful, plants, animals and truth be told, probably people too!

Thank you so much for the orders and the wonderful feedback I have received. 

I know that you appreciate that my days and nights are very busy.

I do try to get your orders out to you as soon as possible.

This epiphyllum, bright orange blending to fuchsia brightened my morning.

Sunday Inspiration

Today I delighted in the bruised rain filled purple blue of the sky over Moreton Bay.



There are many wonderful A4 Rice papers for you to find.

Currently I am working on a lovely book using all the lovely ladies.

Putting out the fires

Let us hope that the rains we are experiencing plus a little more that is expected this week

put out the devastating fires that have started to rage through Australia yet again.

This week

Will be interesting and unpredictable. 

Enjoy your week.