Stepping away from my Shadow

My world has been faded and washed out for quite a while now.

I see the sun but it  hasn’t been shining with splendour for me.

Don’t get me wrong. If you analyzed the past eighteen months you might think wow, you have achieved a lot.

Practically yes I have but there has been little passion or even enthusiasm.

There have been moments of breathtaking serendipity that stopped me in my tracks.

More about some of those moments another time!


A major part of me that I have let go is my writing and teaching.

I have written for many purposes.

                     I have taught too for many years. I miss that very much

            ….hint I am planning to teach again

                                        A huge nudge…no make that PUSH from a dear friend has me wanting to grab hold of things I still love.                        Take  deep breath

It may not be New Year

It is indeed


I am not even sure how to use this blog space.

 Perhaps we can share our journeys.

Every one of us has a unique story.

Life is about the trips and falls as well as the affirmative moments.