ICE Resin® is a jeweller’s grade two-part epoxy resin that has some noteworthy attributes built into its chemistry, namely it’s doming, self-levelling and self-healing properties

ICE Resin’s most significant characteristic is it’s jeweller’s grade quality. Once dry and fully cured, it’s crystal clear with a beautiful glass like finish, and it will stay that way forever. Your creativity will last a lifetime, as your work will not fade or become brittle. Its surface is strong, and jewellery made with it can be comfortably worn and put through the paces of daily living. This is a feature that sets ICE Resin® apart from others.
The resin prefers to create a “dome” shape when you pour it. You will see that as you drip it into a bezel, it holds it shape like a drop of water and will naturally maintain the drop shape.

There are many products designed to give you an exciting experience working with Ice Resin. We aim to stock the best of these products.