Doors are useful aren’t they?

They let us in to ordinary places, like the supermarket!

But sometimes they can dare us to step into places of delight and wonder.

Winter with it’s crisp days can be the perfect time to step out the door.

This week I have done exactly that.

Yesterday I left Brisbane at 7am. Getting through Brisbane and the Gold Coast was the usual stop, start, remain calm experience.

My trip took me through the wild mountain areas between Murwillumbah and Kyogle.

What I didn’t know was that Kyogle Road was getting a makeover. After eight red traffic lights and multiple stop/go workers I gave up all pretense of getting anywhere too easily.

Next it was on to Lismore.

This trip I did not feel as distressed as I have been when returning to my my home town since the 2022 flood of devastation.

There were only short breaks – Archie is a brilliant traveller!

Our glimpse of the ocean at Lennox Head tugged at my heart.

We arrived back in Deception Bay at 7.00 pm

Today 1

I woke with the strangest mood upon me.

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” Maya Angelou

My heart lifts when I head to the Northern Rivers of NSW.

It will always, I realize, be home for me!

Today 2

Many of my Time To Create Lovelies have shared the journey that my sister Vicki has had over many years.

I have held my breath for most of today as Vicki is finally heading HOME after experiencing a severe health mystery

which has had her in hospital for almost a month.

Against all odds she survived having every bone, including her brain on one side of her body broken by a car hitting her at 80kms per hour.

Now her body impact sites are suddenly behaving badly!

Home to heal again, Vicki. I will see you soon.

@Time To Create

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Where will your open door lead you this week?

Until next week