Greetings Everyone,

I am writing this newsletter to you at 2.33am!

Of course I will not send it to you right now 

as I don’t want the notification in your inbox to in any way disturb you.

For the seventh time since Christmas Eve I have been woken by an alarm

from the church across the road from me.

What can I say?

No Wisdom here.

Instead there are blurry eyes

and totally messed up sleep patterns.


That you have had a peaceful time

with much love, laughter and happiness in your life.

I like that everyone chooses to celebrate or not 

in their own unique way!


you have experienced loss and loneliness this year.

My thoughts are with you.




If however you want to scroll in the peace and the quiet.

these caught my magpie eyes today.

                                                                                                       # Glorious variety from Aussie company

Bee Arty


@ stampers always want fresh designs.

Darkroom Door rocks it!


#New Colours bring excitement

What do you fancy HERE?


Have you had enough rice?

What about a few sheets of RICE PAPER?

Maybe you can turn some of those little gift boxes and packaging into beautiful?


ARE You looking for a niche business?

My life has moved in very different directions as many of you who have shared 

my journey know!

It’s time!

To hand over

Time To Create

there are such possibilities with a large inventory waiting for the perfect operator

Is it you?

Contact me.


Wild Weather

Three days and nights

with storms and spectacular, earth pounding lightning

have surrounded us near Moreton Bay, QLD. 

The power and beauty has been spectacular!


This breathtaking rainbow reached right into my home

where I was trembling on the lounge.

Taken at 6:30 pm on 26th December, 2023



If you are looking for treasure for your art passions

and enthusiasms,

I am here.

A loved sentiment from my home to yours 


This was given to me by a dear friend when I was in a dark place.

I hope you see and delight in butterflies always.

They are perfect reminders that wonder surrounds us.

Julie Short