Hello Lovely Readers,

I hope you are doing well.

Finally here in Queensland the brain fogging, humidity appears to have gone.


I have had my own version of fever! ( Sadly No Dancing has been involved) 

After spending eight hours in hospital on a drip then home with strict instructions to continue the antibiotics.

Take a Breath

Bang a nasty, sneaky awful virus then grabbed me and wrapped it’s nastiness through just about every part of my body

If you have hung in

Here’s the crazy stuff

On Wednesday I was actually able to get on my feet. I had cabin fever and so I decided that I needed a day out and about.

Thursday arrived, I dressed up, took Archie  to play and off into the city I zoomed.

I got to the Exhibition Centre bright and early. I was looking forward to the Craft Show I was going to indulge in. I parked and walked from one end of the huge exhibition building – all I found was an emergency CPR presentation, to the other.

Yep……I was a week early!

My day passed and I dawdled and found lot’s to look at and think about.

Of course this then put me on the M1 in peak travel time to come back home.

A stop at the Service Centre then became a priority. It was quiet. A coffee and I sauntered over to my car. 

From closing my car door to turning on my car, two blokes with shovels and a truck of hot asphalt were now blocking my way.

Seriously! The cheeky workers made a big, funny, loud performance of getting me out of the carpark.

It was crazy and the idiocy of the Big Escape Day kept  bubbling through me as I inched my way home.

Making Fun ART

There are thousands of stamp designs out there. Sometimes though you want to use a quote or sentiment that you don’t have a stamp for

Make it your own

  1. Use an alphabet stamp set and create your own sentiment
  2. Use brochures and junk printed matter to gather words you want to use.
  3. Grab a pen and write out what you want to say.

Random Inspiration

Make it HOT…..with Embossing Powders

Indulge your shiny Magpie with Foiling

Neon and more  with Colour Blast

Finding My Sparkle

My last fortnight has been a wake up to me.

Health is everything.

Laugh, Live  and Love as much as you can.

Until Next Time