No Rain, No Flowers

It has been a few tumultuous days.

Very little sleep does that to us doesn’t it? Then I feel hyper vigilant.

As the calendar clicked around to July it has been bittersweet memories that are invading my thoughts.

I’m convinced that making art, no matter what it is, calms and nurtures me.

I frequently make these cleanup papers. I use whatever is on the studio table without any planning or direction at all.

On this one I threw some random embossing powder to add texture and a bit of shine.

Usually I just add them to the background pile until something about the paper speaks to me.

This one became my No Rain No Flowers piece.

You can read about they why in my newsletter HERE

So what did I do?


Over the very mixed media background I outlined a big daisy and stems using Jane Davenport Palette Pastels

We have Chilled  Lit Up and Mineral Eyes

The colour is rich and goes on well as I used a small flat brush to apply.

With a couple of pencils I doodle outlined the flower and leaves.

Finishing touches were the raindrops. Rain still wakes me in the night no matter how light.

I finished off with a tag, which will be included in the journal, Life 2022 with the story of the Lismore floods of February 28, 2022

The stamp is from a wonderful sentiment set from Art By Marlene and the paper is from the Heartland Collection by Blue Fern Studios.

These outstanding papers a now too expensive to bring into Australia.

Around the edges I heavily inked with Ranger Archival Distress Ink.

It represents the flood mud on all the items I brought back to store for my family.

My car was awful for a long time.

Wonderful friends, Kaye and Wendy spent days helping me clean.

I wanted to express that every situation is about perspective.