It’s Time!

Time to let Time To Create go!

I have had a mostly, fantastic time with Time To Create.

The first steps I took were baby ones with many stumbles, crashes and such joy filled times along the way.

Teaching has been my lifetime calling.

I can’t help myself I am still sharing and giving ideas and knowledge.

The focus and direction of this now is beyond anything I can ever have imagined.

My long held love for writing has re-emerged and I am loving the challenge this has given me.



I had been playing with another business Daringly Different while I was still full time teaching.

I did this with someone else and got severely financially and emotionally burnt by this experience.

When I had paid off her debt I vowed to go it alone from then on.

When my son, nephew and foster son all flew the coop I saw an opportunity to try something different.

The whole ethos of Time To Create has been to offer the best that I possibly could.

Art on the packaging, little surprises in the orders and always art postcards.

For my classes and workshops I tried to take the participants on a learning journey that was always a stretch for me and for them.

Some did not get me and that was OK because those that did were and are wonderful, loyal and loving.

There has always been trust between us all.

Time To Create became a safe meeting place with a strong focus on making.

To this day if I don’t get to create art often I get scratchy.

That means Archie, my beloved schnauzer, who is very intuitive to me gets puzzled by my blue moods!



Unfortunately, a few years ago there was an explosion of companies and products that pushes out way too much product.

Some of this is cheap and nasty and it continues to flood the crafting area. Theft of designs and other disgusting, unethical business practices have flourished. Sadly creative and ethical companies have been forced out of business. Carabelle Studios, a wonderful French company is the latest victim.

My position has always been about quality. Quality products, produced and promoted by passionate individual operators.

If you cruise through the Time To Create Website you will see the splendid companies that I have stocked, used and promoted.

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The brilliance of the mixed media label for art making enables enormous possibilities.

My first love was and still is fabric. The small girl in me remembers so fondly sitting under the worktables of my female relatives playing with threads , scraps and fibres. This area of mixed media still floats my boat.



Increasingly Les got involved in all things Time To Create. We worked so well together and Les took on many of our domestic chores to free me up to nurse and develop Time To Create.

Nothing was too difficult for Les.

He was easily pleased, particularly by delicious morning tea offerings from the enthusiastic band of Time To Creators.



A golden time for us was when I began to work with other Australian stores to design and facilitate tours throughout Australia by international teachers.

What a grand three day workshop we had with Birgit Koopsen from Carabelle Studio.

Above we are lunching at Banyo in Brisbane.

Birgit was so enthusiastic and delighted by all she saw in Australia.



Les began to become unwell.

As a result I was trying so hard to keep Time To Create moving forward while providing support and nursing for Les.

My wonderful band of Time To Creators stepped in and stepped up.

There was absolutely no question about where my energies needed to be directed.

Les and I managed a fifty year relationship. Pretty good for something we were assured would not last!



Unbelievably Les said yes to a trip to New Zealand.

The scramble to get a passport and accommodation for a month long trip was worth all the angst.

Les who had only been out of hospital from a quadruple bypass and valve replacement surgery six weeks earlier loved every minute of our time in New Zealand.

Three weeks after this photo was taken at Auckland Airport Les was struck again by what would be a fatal illness.

Covid was raging and diagnosis was a lot of travel and guessing.

Les’s health deteriorated rapidly.

This photo was taken by a good friend Irene as we waited for the ambulance which was taking Les to St Vincent’s Hospital Palliative Care Unit. I lost my soul mate on the 6th July 2021.

Time To Create was the last thing I wanted to think about.

An ugly remark by a nasty fellow to me two months into me healing from the loss of Les had me jumping in, putting Modanville on the market and packing up everything to move to Queensland.



My original intention as a solo everything when I landed in Deception Bay north of Brisbane was to reopen the online store and also get back to teaching.

That plan, after I had fitted out a teaching space fell flat. Insurance killed it.

So I have put a lot of energy into creating a new website and falling back in love with Time To Create.

It has chugged along quite well ever since. I appreciate the many customers who buy regularly. I love creating and making and gently teaching through social media.



My loneliness hit me like a sledgehammer this year when I celebrated my birthday, alone again! I got in the car and went to Samford where I was shown extreme kindness at the Lifestyle Centre in Samford Valley. I then challenged myself to drive as fast as I could the Mt Mee Road.

Jimmy Barne’s song “Many Rivers To Cross” blasted though the car as I drove the twisty winding road.

I came home and made this canvas, “Many Rivers”

That night I wrote in my journal, “I need to step out into the world again!”

Three weeks later a wonderful man came into my life.

My life has been turned 360 degrees around.

Our exciting, at times, crazy journey has just begun.



It’s all here! It’s time for a new owner and operator.

There is a massive opportunity for Time To Create to grow up and flourish.

Are you interested?

I would love to hear from you and will assist you as much as possible.

Email me or call me if you want to know more.

Until Next Time