Hello Everyone,

Finally here we have seen the sun after days and days of rain and storms.

It’s so good to open the windows and get all the extra washing done, isn’t it?

If you are off adventuring have a good time and please be as safe as you can be.

Why do some drivers become so impatient when it is a holiday?

This Easter break I am staying close to home.

I’m doing a lot of small jobs which have been put off for a while.

Confession time. I have never made jam. 

I’ve been given a bucketful of limes. Lime marmalade is on the agenda.

(It’s made and is delicious)


Finally I have opened my computer to try to finish my newsletter.

What had been my plan was four days in and around home puttering and avoiding the holiday traffic did not happen.

Instead by 10:30 am on Good Friday Morning I was attached to a drip at Redcliffe Hospital Emergency Department being treated for a rather nasty kidney infection. Eight hours later I was back home and here I am six days later very slowly mending. 


There is so much for me to be grateful for.

The care, kindness and thorough treatment I received  was fantastic.

I was at the hospital a long time and so I saw many changes of shift and also many emergencies, sometimes with extremely prickly, difficult and unwell people. Our hospital staff and ambulance service personnel are true treasures.

Taking care of them is something our society can do better!


As I sit and write to you I have been thinking about the benefits that creating offer to all of us.

I’ve doddered and made a couple of cards, nothing too mind stretching.

I’ve also added stitches to my mixed media piece….at a snails pace.

Will Sari Girl be finished before my birthday?

Who Cares!

I have spent pleasurable time dipping, diving and revisiting, mainly the art and design books in my library.

Daydreaming is what I have done about what I would like to experiment with.

So many talented artists share their inspiration with us.


There are some found treasures waiting for you in the Archives




I hope a wander through Time To Create just might get you messy too!

Until Next Time