Lost and Found – Ch. 1 The Move

Time To Create was humming along with plenty of workshops, events and good sales.

Then very quickly my world became bleak and time slowed.

There was nothing to tether me to our beloved property at Modanville and before I knew it I had sold.

Packing up our 30 years of life there was a huge task.

That’s a lot of packing and giving away too!

After many twists and turns I arrived in Deception Bay in Queensland.

Two hours after arriving at my new home, Queensland was in lockdown. Where do I get milk?

The removalist van with much of my home and business was locked out of Queensland.

What a distressing crazy time!

How do you tackle 125 plus boxes….like the elephant joke….one box at a time.

Day after day!

I got the routine happening. Although I can’t say there was any method at all to my unpacking!

One of my frustrations was finding a reliable handyman to help me build the shelves needed for the Time To Create stock.

Slowly, slowly it began to happen.

Of course when you move into a house it’s most probable that changes are needed.

In my case it was a big one.

You see, the two storeys had been let as Flat 1 and Flat 2.

The underneath could not be accessed at all from upstairs.

Brick dust travelled far.

Muscles protested painfully.

My love affair with FigJam paint began.

Just around the corner @ DBay is the Zesty Lemon Cafe.

Archie and me celebrated my birthday there!

Come visit and we’ll stroll to Zesty’s and then to the waterfront.

Now back to the lost.

Was there any rhyme or reason to the packing of product for TTC?

Absolutely not!

I had a team of lovelies who came and packed and helped and packed some more.

I will always be grateful to them all!

Can you see why some products are still MIA?

The good news, dear reader is that there is a wealth of product here.

Slowly I am organising, sorting and marking down for sale.

There truly is treasure!

I love, when customers get super excited about what they discover!

The other wonderful find I have had is to begin to work with a talented and enthusiastic computer technician.


and we are busy tweaking, evaluating and aiming to make shopping with Time To Create a great experience.

So I will leave you now with an image that sums Deception Bay up perfectly.

Sea views for everyone!

Until next time