Welcome to this very welcome wet Sunday evening.

Do you find wet weekends a real treat?

I always have the urge to stay in, take out my art tools and play!

I have two largish trees in my pocket handkerchief sized back yard.

One is an olive, which has begun to fruit and the other is a leopard tree.

Today my post is about the leopard tree, the seed pods in particular!

Many seeds are produced by this tree which can be very weedy.

I pick the pods up to save my legs when I am whipper snipping the tiny patch of Archie’s grass.

They are hard and not too many animals attempt to eat them.

I was admiring the shades of warm brown when “WhatIF” nudged me.

“How could you colour them?” she whispered.

Paint Pens claim to work on most surfaces.

I love creating with them as they are fast to use.

The trick with this type of play is to just have fun.

Of course once you start it’s hard to stop.

I got out a small vintage glass tray.

Aha…the perfect non fattening sweets for the coffee table.

There is a lovely group here at Deception Bay that paint small rocks.

These are hidden in the most unlikely places for the wanderers and the runners to find.

I have found quite a few. I usually put them into another hiding place.

Maybe my “Sweeties” could appear?

Like the rocks these are for looking at only.

There are many seed pods that hold seed on trees. What might be near you?

I’m thinking too they could make a sweet gift for giving.

Until next time