How do you like your paint?

Hello! NO you haven’t wandered into a Renovation Blog by mistake.

You are in fact looking at some of the many pieces of timber that I painted many times for the front area of my home.

I am half way through the second 4 litre tin of Black Exterior Paint.

I have had to be a hard taskmaster with myself to get it done some days.

Knowing how difficult it is to get my popular handyman Kevin to do the build, on and on it seemed to go.

My allocated day would roll around. Rain and storms would appear!

This is what I bought fifteen months ago.

I had a vision, which is turning into a wonderful reality.

A safety priority was the front steps.

We replaced worn concrete ones and a rickety iron railing with these Australian hardwood stairs.

The timber is most likely bloodwood.

This has a lovely connection to Modanville, where huge bloodwoods grew on the perimeter of our property.

How I loved those trees in Winter when the low sun turned the trees blood red!

The steps have been oiled. I know this will be an ongoing job. They then set the scheme for the next part of the renovation.

The fun part has begun.

Finding a home for the plants I brought with me is a creative and heavy lifting process.

Even the crane has had a paint touch up with Fig Jam.

I love the pop against the black and the brick.

Painting big is certainly different. I am proud of what I am learning to do!

What’s next?

Kevin and I are not telling yet.

I dream up what I want and then we problem solve how to get there.

I love adventuress spirits.

There are all sorts of issues working with houses, especially older ones.

Not much different to art projects really.

However, I am not planning a black art piece any time soon.

Until Next Time