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Towards Flat Rock NSW

I have called this missive Refresh, Explore and Invigorate with deliberate purpose this week.


We all have the “have to do” days when our feet seem to drag and we feel weighed down, don’t we?

Lethargy sets in and we all know there are so many strategies that we can use to avoid tasks.

Strangely, or maybe you are part of my tribe, I clean anything and everything!

When I found myself intensely scrubbing the garbage bins I decided “Enough”

Explore – Let’s Go!

Do you have a go to place? 

A place you can walk to? Somewhere local?

Or will a road trip do it?

My favourite place is a small beach, Flat Rock near Ballina NSW.

The beach was sparkling, the sun was getting low in the sky and then the surf sat me very firmly in a whirlpool of churning water.


Being dumped hard in the surf and being helped to my feet by some lovelies left me embarrassed.

In those few moments I realized that the only one who can improve my mobility and balance is me.

I know that it is our challenges that lead to our best outcomes. I need to spend more time on my health.

What is calling out to you?

I’m prodding you!

Do something that really interests you. Break open that new colour you bought ages ago.

Rip into that beautiful piece of paper. Distract yourself. Maybe tidy your workspace….then reward yourself with a play with salvaged pieces you could not throw away.

What is ART Journalling?

It’s a marvelous way to process thoughts or experiences.

There are as many ways to ART journal as there are people who explore and create journals.

When I was teaching in school I experienced a terrible workplace bullying incident.
Nothing got through the blackness that surrounded me for many months.

When I grabbed an old class daybook and splashed, dribbled and daubed paint and crayon across the pages a spark ignited.

Slowly day by day, filling those pages released me and I began to heal. I have journaled on and off, using a gazillion techniques and materials.

I never grow tired of the process. The results are not important.

This weeks inspiration


I have had a number of wonderful conversations with customers venturing into new projects this week.

You have invigorated me and sparked new ideas for me. Watch this space!

Have a creative week.