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oh go on of course you can chuckle

Hello Lovely Readers, I hope you are doing well. Finally here in Queensland the brain fogging, humidity appears to have gone. Unfortunately  I have had

My Makes

Messing about with Tissue

The aspect to stretching my creative wings that I enjoy the most is when I play. These are the times when I have absolutely no

It’s here – waiting for you!

Hello Everyone, What a difficult start to the year so many of you have had. I hope wherever you are that friends, family and community

When does your critic show up?

  Greetings Everyone! We all have an inner critic that can and does at times stop us in our excited rush to follow through on

Change and the need for change surrounds us,

Hello All, Thank you for opening my newsletter. Towards Flat Rock NSW I have called this missive Refresh, Explore and Invigorate with deliberate purpose this

Delighted by or misunderstood?

Hello, Greetings, G’day, Mālō e lelei’, Bonjour! There are so many ways we can say hello and connect with each other aren’t there? During this

Come in if you Dare

Hello Crafting Enthusiasts How about a little adventure today? It’s gloomy and grey with a leaden sky. So let the light guide you as you

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My Dream – Time To Create

It’s Time! Time to let Time To Create go! I have had a mostly, fantastic time with Time To Create. The first steps I took