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Keep going until you sigh!

Alcohol ink background on Yupo paper with acrylic paint and paint pens I’ve realised that I really only manage to make slow art mostly. And

Rare treasure to delight your arty heart!

Are you exhausted after all the Black Friday offers? Relax, there aren’t any here! Instead I can offer you the rare and the wonderful.  Craft

The purple blue of welcome rains

Hello Everyone, As I write to you this evening wonderful rain is now gently falling. It’s been dry with some really hot days. Beautiful for

My Makes

Keep Away from Children!

Hello! Welcome to this very welcome wet Sunday evening. Do you find wet weekends a real treat? I always have the urge to stay in,

My Home

We are all Enough!

  Hello Everyone. What a topsy turvey world it is right now! It’s the small glimmers of joy amongst the angst and turmoil that are

My Makes

Slow detailing 1

When my time is short, which is now most of the time I cannot make all the art of I dream of. Instead I need

Great Products

Be inspired by the ocean

Hello To You All! Is your September galloping by? Our mornings are getting earlier as we wake to the sun. This morning it was Archie,


In the middle of madness

Hello everyone, The insanity of the past few weeks has had me wanting to run away.  To where? Anywhere. It started with the solar installations.