Hello Dear Readers,

Yesterday I needed to take my car to Redcliffe to get much needed new tyres.

Check in was smooth. There was about two hours to wait.

The sky was heavy with storm clouds so I had already grabbed an umbrella from the boot.


just as I opened my umbrella and closed the office door I was smashed by fat and furious raindrops

and ferocious wind.

My umbrella turned itself inside out.

Picture this …

Me being drenched while I fought to stop the umbrella from tearing itself out of my hands.

All this happened on the edge of a multi-laned road, heavy with traffic in every direction.

Of course the traffic sequence was totally against me.

There I stood wrestling the umbrella while being mindful that my new sneakers were being thoroughly washed.


It was my turn to cross the road in front of all those impatient drivers.

I felt like a beetle, scuttling across the road with my rainbow wreck of an umbrella.

Dripping I continued down the path.

There she was !

Smiling at me as she got out of her car

holding out a towel.

This grace filled woman then insisted on giving me a lift to the sheltering shopping centre.

And she then offered me her spare umbrella!

The rainbow umbrella was painstakingly repaired yesterday afternoon.

It’s ready for another adventure!

My gratitude for that wonderful woman kept me bouncing and bubbling with happiness all day yesterday!

IF you are looking for your own RAINBOW ADVENTURE.

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Until Next Time


PS the storm clouds are building again this morning!