How often do you give of yourself to others, particularly family? It can feel relentless and so frustrating.

This holiday season, after the horror year that 2020 threw at us all, is it time to say, ” I need my me time!”

Now, I am not talking days, although occasionally you might be able to wrangle an entire day from your busy life to make time for you to explore your creative side.

I’m saying let’s deliberately plan a little making every day if you can!

Since time began for humans the part that makers have played in society has been huge.

The skills, knowledge and beauty contributed by artists in every group was valued and celebrated.

Sadly, in our over mechanised world the making by hand has not been valued like it should be.

Each and every one of us, with our own hands has the ability to contribute to our Joy for Living.

Imagine this. You take the dog for a walk and you see the way that leaves with their individual shape and colouration has fallen on the path in front of you. You are intrigued. You pick up a couple of those leaves, take them home and put them on the bench. You notice them again later when you are preparing dinner. There’s a nudging in you. You are about to put the junk mail in the recycle bin when your hand reaches for a pen and right there on a scrap piece of paper you draw one of the leaves from the bench.

Time slows, you concentrate on what you are seeing and feeling, your breathing slows and you are engaged in creative play.

Feels good doesn’t it? That twenty minutes of creative freedom can be the start of so much more.

Nurturing your making, is in fact, nurturing you.

Is 2021 the year to develop your curiosity and play? I hope so.